• Ashley Dingle

Would you like to KISS?

"Keep it simple, stupid"

This is the quote I encountered yesterday during a networking meeting and it certainly gets the message across! Turns out KISS is a design principle coined by the US Navy in 1960. This was used to remind their engineers that whatever they made must be capable of being repaired by a mechanic with only basic knowledge and experience.

Can you apply KISS in your life, industry or profession?

Its so easy to dive into the detail or add extra elements when what might be really needed is less or to take something away, as the famous quotes go, "Less is more" and "Make things simple, not simpler".

brightstar take this message to heart when designing your real time dashboard, drawing on over a decade of experience as Chartered Accountants we can boil down your visuals down to what really matters, drives and impacts your business.

Thank you for Simply Networking for putting on such a great informal event, I'm sure some valuable connections were made and look forward to attending again.

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